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Translations are carried out by young professionals

Our translation agency's areas of expertise

Our translators are familiar with all areas of expertise. We have several translators in our database for each language combination. Immediately after receiving your confirmation we can assign the translator best suited to translate the text. This is determined by the type of translation education but also through personal interest. After all, every translator has a preference for a specific subject. During their translation studies translators have often already chosen a specialized field. This is also how we keep the translation costs as low as possible. The translator can work more quickly.

Translation agencies usually distinguish between different groups of translators.

  • Legal translators; these are especially trained to interpret in a court of law or to translate legal documents such as contracts or agreements.
  • Financial translators; with a profound knowledge of financial subjects. Here we have to distinguish between economical knowledge in business and knowledge of the stock market. After all, the financial field is diverse. Translating a text about stocks and bonds is completely different from translating a text about financing issues. Our translation agency is familiar with all these sectors.
  • Technical translators; within the technical department of our translation agency we distinguish between several translation specialisms. For example aviation and space travel, mechanization / robotics, automotive, material knowledge, chemistry, telecommunications technology, computers / hardware, computers /software development, mechanical engineering etc.
  • General; most of the documents we translate are of a general nature. Whether you're thinking of a letter for your personnel, a menu or a resumé because someone is planning on working in a foreign country. Some translators prefer general texts although these are often less straightforward. For the translation of a resumé for example you need a translator who is familiar with the different types of education in other countries to ensure a correct equivalent in the target language. At our translation agency we do not ask a translator accustomed to legal texts to translate a love letter.

The translators of our translation agency all have a few things in common. They are all passionate about language and work for low translation prices. They and our project managers believe: the job is finished when you are satisfied!

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